Member Mojo – Instructions

WSAC Have introduced an online membership management system using MemberMojo. To join, renew or edit your details

  1. go online and login to
  2. select members area from the menu
  3. select “Membership Management”

Alternatively navigate to

How To Join

  1. On the home page click the large Join us/Renew button.

  1. Fill in your details

  1. Click next
  2. Check your details are correct
  3. Click select payment
  4. Chose your payment option and click pay

How To Sign in for the first time

  1. Click sign in on the home page
  2. Enter your email address that we have registered with your membership
  3. Click sign in with email
  4. You will now have been sent a link open your email and click the link

How to set a password

  1. Sign in as above
  2. If you are not already on the “Your Membership” tab click it on the menu
  3. Click set password

How to sign in after you have created a password

  1. On the sign in page click Sign In with password

How to edit your details /Renew membership

  1. Sign in as above
  2. Select the “Your Membership” tab

From this page you can

  • edit your details via the view/edit details button
  • Upload files such as medicals via the view or upload files button
  • Renew membership via the renew button


How to view other members details

  1. Sign in
  2. Select the “Your Membership” tab
  3. Click the member directory button

Here you will see a list of all members. Select the member you want to view.

Depending on your access level will depend on what details you can view

Normal user



Dive Manager

Committee member

If you have multiple levels of access you will see details combined for all your levels.