Privacy Policy (Members)

Membership records

Membership records are stored online using a system called member mojo. We store only the information needed to manage your membership including

  • Name
  • Email
  • 2nd Email (Optional)
  • BSAC Membership Number
  • Date Of Birth
  • Phone Number
  • Medical type
  • Medical Expiry Date
  • If you have chosen to donate to RNLI (Needed to calculate payments needed from WSAC)
  • Instructor Status
  • Instructor Number
  • Committee status/Position
  • Dive manager Status
  • Dive Grade
  • Photo (Optional)
  • Notes (Used for Dive managers and Instructors)
  • Digital Copy of Medical form

Training records

Details of training is stored for instructor use to allow us to monitor trainee’s progression and allow for better planning of training sessions. This information is linked to a member using full name.

Member to Member Mailing lists

WSAC use mailing lists to distribute emails to members. The system only allows other members to send to the list and any member abusing the mailing lists can and will be blocked from sending emails.

Members can opt out of the mailing lists at any time however these lists are how we communicate all club related news/information. It will be your own responsibility to find out about any news/events should you wish to opt out.

Mailing lists are managed using our membership system so no additional data is stored.

Other Mailing lists

WSAC use a system called sendinblue for marketing emails this is used to inform potential client of upcoming events or promotions.

This system is also used very infrequently to contact members and is only used in this way for the purpose of sending news/event details to members in a more personalised and professional manor than the standard mailing list.

The data stored in this system includes

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Details/Analytics of emails sent to the member.

Contact lists

All members can view contact details for other members using member mojo. As standard only Name, Email and phone number is visible. Instructors, Dive Managers and Committee members have additional privileges and can see details that they need to do their jobs.

Retention policy

All details are held for the life of your membership except for (See Medical Forms Bellow).

If your membership is not renewed we will keep all records for up to 24 months.

Medical Forms

We require members to either have a valid medical or complete a self-declaration. Medical forms will be stored along with membership records in member mojo and kept up to the expiry date of the medical or the expiry of the membership whichever is sooner

Third parties

WSAC will never share your information with a third party for any reason other than to assist in the running of the club.